Dr Gail Wilson Psychology Practice offers a person-centred service to help you with your mental health and wellbeing. 


My role is a facilitator - to help you to express yourself, to understand yourself, and to provide you skills to better cope in relationship with yourself and with others. I work as a regulated professional, in accordance with standards and proficiencies set out by the Health and Care Professions Council.   

A common belief for people attending therapy is that their psychologist will fix them. You may believe that you or some part of you is broken.  You may feel stressed, be in emotional or physical pain, doing things you wish you could stop, not able to connect with yourself or others in ways you want to. Psychological intervention can help you think about what is going on for you day to day, to develop an understanding of why, to slow things down so you can respond to difficult situations with awareness and make choices rather than continuing to feel that you're at the mercy of your emotions. I will not fix you because I don't believe you are broken, but that you are a human going through something/s. Ultimately I hope to help you to understand and manage what you are experiencing.

Timing in therapy is important, you need to want and be ready to do the work and you need to have a safe environment in which to learn. If you are unsure if you are ready to engage in therapy we can discuss this in an initial free consultation. If you think you are physically or emotionally unsafe because of another person/s please reach out to services that can help in the first instance (see Resources tab). Change is a process that takes time and energy. The benefits of, for example, one hour of therapy a week can easily get lost in the 168 other hours in a week, so I will encourage you to work on yourself in between sessions - whether that's specific tasks or taking time to reflect. 

I had written a list of typical experiences I work with on this page previously (for instance self esteem, depression, eating problems, anxiety etc), however I don't want to reduce anybody to an issue or problems or diagnosis. If you think you might want to work together, get in touch and we can consider what's going on for you and whether I would be someone that can help.

I'm currently providing online video sessions so I am able to work with you wherever you may be in the world. I can offer walk and talk sessions to people locally in Angus. I provide a limited number of in person sessions through my work as an associate with Tay Psychology who have offices in Central Dundee.

"I'm a humanistic psychologist, which simply means I care about you as a human. I care about your life experiences, your pains, your suffering, but also your strengths, your joys, what puts a smile on your face. I care about it all, in its spendid complexities and contradictions."

Scott Barry Kaufman, 2020