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My role is a facilitator - to help you to express yourself, to understand yourself, and to provide you skills to better cope in relationship with yourself and with others. Your best interests are my priority. I aim to help you in accordance with standards and proficiencies set out by the Health and Care Professions Council regulating body.  

If you decide that you would like to come together for an introductory meeting be assured that my first aim will be to help you to feel at ease, and to listen to you. I will be clear about the boundaries of potentially developing a therapeutic relationship and guide our conversation so that we focus on working out how to best meet your needs. I will aim to develop an understanding of the reasons you are seeking psychological input at the current time, such as the main problems you may be facing and identify goals that we can work towards. 

A common belief for people attending therapy is that their psychologist will fix them. You may believe that you or some part of you is broken.  You may feel stressed, be in emotional or physical pain, doing things you wish you could stop, not able to connect with yourself or others in ways you want to. Psychological intervention can help you think about what is going on for you day to day, to develop an understanding of why, to slow things down so you can respond to difficult situations with awareness and make choices rather than continuing to feel that you're at the mercy of your emotions. I cannot fix you because I don't believe you are broken, but that you are a human going through something/s. Ultimately I hope to help you to understand and work with the distress you may be experiencing, and for you to feel confident in managing your wellbeing on ending our input - whether that's after one session or one hundred - I want to help you be empowered to make that decision for yourself.

Timing in therapy is important, you need to want and be ready to do the work and you need to have a safe environment in which to learn. If you are unsure if you are ready to engage in therapy we can create space to discuss this in an initial free consultation. If you think you are physically or emotionally unsafe because of another person/s please reach out to services that can help in the first instance (see Resources tab). Change is a process that takes time and energy. The benefits of, for example, one hour of therapy a week can easily get lost in the 168 other hours in a week, so I will encourage you to work on yourself in between sessions - whether that's specific tasks or taking time to reflect. 

Aspects of life that I can help you with include but are not limited to:

Establishing helpful habits of self-care,

Understanding and managing mood states and changes (e.g. episodes or cycles of low mood, depression, elation),

Relationship difficulties,

Interpersonal issues (e.g. passivity, aggressiveness, difficulties with boundaries), 

How you view yourself (e.g identity, self-esteem, self-worth),

Your emotional and feeling states (e.g. fear, anxiety, panic, guilt, shame, anger, rage, ambivalence, apathy, envy), 

Use of self-harming or self-injury,

Eating problems, 

Obsessions and compulsions,


Exploring tendencies in your thinking,

Difficult/distressing memories and nightmares, 

Sleep and insomnia,

Processing events/adversities/traumas,

Military service and transitions,

Exploring gender and sexuality,

Life course/purpose and personal values, 

Grief and bereavement,

Physical health difficulties, 


I'm currently providing online video and/or telephone sessions so I am able to work with you wherever you may be in the world. I can offer walk and talk sessions to people locally. I provide a limited number of in person sessions through my work as an associate with Tay Psychology who have offices in Central Dundee. 

"I'm a humanistic psychologist, which simply means I care about you as a human. I care about your life experiences, your pains, your suffering, but also your strengths, your joys, what puts a smile on your face. I care about it all, in its spendid complexities and contradictions."

Scott Barry Kaufman, 2020

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Let's make a start, reach out to me if you would like to learn how we could work together. Once you've made that first step I will guide our contact with the intention that your best interests are met. That may be for us to work together, or that may be providing advice on alternative resources and services. I can provide a free 15-30 minute telephone or zoom consultation to discuss initially.


 I will endeavour to get back to you within 48 (working day) hours of your contact. 

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